Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gmail and IE7: Operation Aborted

Well, I believe many of you have experienced this annoying issue. You try to load Gmail in IE7 and IE7 will popup "Operation Aborted". I usually try about 4-5 times, and at the end the Gmail can be loaded. I am not really sure what's wrong with this, and I hope it's not done purposely by either Microsoft or Google. Some said that this is Google way of responding to Microsoft and Yahoo saga, and others argue that this is Microsoft's fault that its application doesn't meet quality standard.

Well, here is Google advice at this page:

Some Internet Explorer 7 users are reporting the error message "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site Operation aborted." If you're experiencing this problem, please use Mozilla Firefox or the older version of Gmail.

And so far, no more useful explanation rather than switch to Firefox and "leave da microsoft's crap for your live". And, if you read on the other solutions there, Google can only advice remove whatever toolbars or addins in IE7 that cause the error. I am not really sure if they're good advices. So, are we allowed to use Google Toolbar only in order to use Gmail smoothly? Come on Google, you can give better explanation, or just fix the issue (for god sake). You're big enough to come out with the complex algorithm for search and unable to solve this small little issue for months? I use a lot of internet/intranet application on IE7, and no single issue happens with the same scale of this error.

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