Sunday, July 23, 2006

MS CRM 3.0: How to display Active only at Associated View.

For you do customization on Ms CRM, by default, Ms CRM 3.0 will display both active and inactive record in associated view (View that is displayed child entities in the detail of master entity) for Custom Entities. This is different from default associated view of Contact that is displayed in Account detail, which just displays active record. To achieve same view as Contact, you must edit the exported customization XML manually, since there’s no UI in Ms CRM 3.0 to edit filtering of customized view. And be warned, that this is unsupported way.

Try to export Contact entity from Customization, and find in any text editor “Associated View”, then find tag. Inside you will find:
<filter type="and">
<condition operator="eq" value="0" column="statecode">

With this condition, you can apply to every Custom Entity to display only Active Record in associated view, by export, edit, import it back and don’t forget to publish the entity. By this mean, you can also put additional condition as needed. If you are not sure what is the format of the condition string, try to do it in the advanced find and see what the string looks like.